What FootPrint Says About You

What FootPrint Says About You

Are you ready to take control of your social media presence and make the most of your online influence? With FootPrint, you’ll gain the advantage of knowing your social media value. With knowing your value it grants you the power to build your network, extend your reach, and make your favorite social media platforms work for you.

What Does My FootPrint Score Mean?

Whether you’re a brand or an individual influencer, building your online presence is essential to your success, but getting started can be a challenge. Luckily, thanks to the innovative technology behind the FootPrint app, you’ll have the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Have you ever wondered exactly how much power you wield online? Your FootPrint score analyzes your global analytics to provide you with a highly accurate assessment of your social media value in dollars. The higher your FootPrint score, the more significant your impact is online – and the more you’re worth as an influencer. 

Essentially, your FootPrint score is a snapshot of your power to drive action and influence others online. Whether it’s discussing trending topics, sharing great new products, or bringing customers into your favorite local businesses, you have influence. By analyzing your data across platforms and considering user engagement and authentic interactions, FootPrint will tell you exactly how successfully you’ve established your presence online. 

Plus, it will prepare you with the details you need to take your social media influence even further. Figure out whether your new content is raising or lowering your FootPrint score so that you can perfect your social strategy like a true expert.

Why Your Social Media Influence Matters More than You Think

We all spend plenty of time online talking about anything and everything.  Only a handful of the most successful social media influencers have wised up to their true money-making potential. Imagine bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars by merely doing what you already love doing – engaging on social media. Believe it or not, that’s the everyday reality for the world’s top social media influencers and brands.

Maybe you’re a business owner that wants to seriously up your marketing game. Perhaps you’re merely interested in being your own boss and using your social media influence for your benefit. It’s possible, but only once you know your worth and understand precisely how to expand your global reach as an influencer. FootPrint gives you that advantage with an instant social media value assessment, arming you with new knowledge and setting you up for social media success.

Start Building Your Social Media Worth Now with FootPrint

Once you know how much your social media influence is worth, nothing can stop you from dominating the digital world. Imagine being able to have an exact dollar amount assigned to your global reach. With this information updating every time you boost your influence and expand your power. That is exactly what you’ll hold in the palm of your hand with the FootPrint app.

Our cutting-edge influencer engagement calculator makes it easy to measure social media influence in an instant. It gives you a baseline measurement of your online presence and delivering the data you need to take it to the next level. Figure out where you stand now, then get real-time updates when you post, share, and engage, allowing you to pinpoint what content performs successfully. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to social media domination! All because you took a few seconds to discover how much you’re worth online.

Don’t waste any more time taking charge of your online presence – download the FootPrint app from the App Store and Google Play today.