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Wondering how your social media influence stacks up in the digital age? FootPrint is an easy-to-use influencer engagement calculator that gives you an instant score based on your social media value. Social influencers, brands, and marketers alike are using FootPrint to gauge their online presence, extend their digital reach, and surpass new levels of digital power.

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How Does FootPrint Work?

Thanks to the innovative app engineers and designers here at FootPrint, we have proudly designed the world’s best digital marketing tool. With a precision-level valuation of global data and our cutting-edge app technology, you’ll possess the ultimate key to unlocking the power of social media influence.

The FootPrint app evaluates your comprehensive analytics to determine your personalized social media score, cultivating an extensive selection of data points for a highly accurate assessment. By examining your analytics across your social media platforms of choice, FootPrint is then able to provide you with your exact social media value in dollars.

Who You Know and How You Connect Matters

If you’re an active social media user with a solid amount of followers, you might think that a social media value score isn’t something you need to know. But as it turns out, an authentic influencer isn’t about how many followers you have. Instead, it’s about quality of interaction, making both who you know and how you interact with them important. Building up a dominating social media presence is key for individuals and businesses alike looking to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital age. Why not take full advantage of our advanced technology to gain a competitive edge?

Decoding the complex web of social media likes, shares, and comments can be a tough challenge, especially with always-changing algorithms and shifting trends. Maybe you have plenty of followers but can’t figure out why your posts are only getting a small handful of likes. Or maybe you want to ramp up your content creation to boost engagement in a smart, effective way. Mastering social media is all about balancing quantity and quality of followers, making sure you maintain a laser focus on great engagement while still always working to raise the bar. FootPrint will give you everything you need to do precisely that.

Dominate Social Media with FootPrint

FootPrint is designed to deliver a simple, straightforward way to get a snapshot of how far your digital influence reaches on a global scale. Not only will you know your worth and be able to make the most of it, but you can expand your social media footprint by pinpointing exactly what content works for you. Get a baseline of your social media value, then follow along in real-time as you like, share, and create new content to discover the best way to boost your influence.

Plus, FootPrint eliminates the hassle of fake profiles and spam accounts, cleaning up your digital presence and helping you avoid frustrating issues in the future. Save yourself the time, expense, and annoyance of dealing with fake accounts and focus on exceeding all your influencer goals.

Whether you’re an experienced influencer or marketer or someone who’s interested in getting ahead of the newest wave of digital marketing, let FootPrint give you the boost you need..

About Us

Founded by a husband and wife team and backed by our founding investors, Scott Brewer, Poria Mianabi, Essie Mianabi, Andrew Sosa, Hilario Nava & Ariel Nava and Art Sosa we are passionate about social media, the mission of FootPrint is to make sure you know your worth – and have the numbers to prove it. There has never been a better time to wield your influence and capitalize on your reaching power.

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