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Everyone spends time and money on social media and thats worth something! What are you worth?

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What is your social media worth? Find out now, download FootPrint at your favorite app store! 

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FootPrint takes your worldwide analytics, scores your reaching power and gives you your actual social media value in Dollars. See your score instantly, Know your worth and see your global impact. It can also help eliminate fake profiles saving social media companies millions. It is said that roughly 10% of all social media profiles are fake. A simple come see me or I work here goes a long way. FootPrint is the ultimate marking and branding tool. Know your worth because in this digital age, Who you know matters!

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The King of Radio DeDe in the Morning talks FootPrint.

The King of Radio DeDe in the Morning talks FootPrint with Ariel Grind about what's new and next for Social Media.


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